Arslan Coskun, CCIE #19404


I cannot still believe, but Lab Score says that I got my number: CCIE # 19404 !!! I cannot join words together, my brain stopped and my fingers shivered. Sorry from everyone. I took lab exam today in RTP and this is my first attempt. Firstly...I want to thank God. I want to thank my wife, my family and my two daughters. I could not pass without their support. When I started my lab preparation, one of my daughters was just born. Even my other daughter (who is 3 years old) supported me to work on my lesson. My family went to other location on every weekend to give me working chance. It was very difficult to separate from them. I would like to thank Brian Dennis and Brian McGahan for their product: IE Workbook 3.0 and 4.0. Really, it was a great one. I would like to thank proctors in RTP, especially to Howard. And I would like to thank my boss and friends in my company. Their support was important. I started my journey in 1999, I became CCNP in 2001 and lost in 2005. Then I became CCNP again and CCIP in 2006 October. I started my CCIE journey in 2006 November. Firstly I passed CCIE Written Exam then I established a home rack. At beginning I read, just reading. I read all books in CCIE lab lists, I think their number reached to 25. I bought IE Lab WB and tried to apply all information in my home rack. (2x3350, 2x2620, 2x2611 and other 2500 series) My rack was not enough to cover the whole subjects, but believe me if you know the technology and how to apply, you can cover them. I finished all 30 lab in IEWB Lab 3.0, I examined everthing and I ask myself: What did I learn, did I know really and can I apply them? I returned all equipments in home rack and continued working with dynamips. I finished 15 of IEWB Lab 4.0, I examined DocCD two times (Configuration guide and command references, but I used only two times in lab), I finished Cisco ASET labs and decide to take lab exam. There are many many subjects, I am 37 years old and I feel I will no be able to cover all of them even I am 50 years old. I went to RTP before two days. I tried to create my lab strategy last night. (At this point, I want to thank all of you, I learned many things in this group) In the real exam, I was so nervous in the morning. I tried to talk other candidates. My rules: 1- I read all questions, taking small notes. 2- I asked all questions that I cannot be sure. I left two security questions, I had no enough time and they possibly cause I lose some other points. Now, I want to sleep and go to my family as soon as possible. I will bring them to a short holiday. I wish good luck to everyone. Take care of you!

- Arslan Coskun, CCIE #19404 (CCIE Routing & Switching)

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