Anh Khoa, CCIE #25122


I got my CCIE on August 2009, It was a long road, and it all started in October 2007 when I passed CCIE R&S written exam. After passed the written I started with INE v4 and some Cisco Mock labs. I finished the 1st workbook (Technologies), but after that due to work changing and relocation, I gave it a break and it was a big mistake. Then the CCIE lab introduced Open End Question -- soon after that, there it goes, the changing from version 3 to version 4 coming. I know I must do the lab before the changing as it will be very tough. Studied hard with INE workbooks, extensively on 20 full labs (2 times each lab) with a lot of notes together with the wonderful CCIELAB groupstudy mailing list. I also took 5 mock labs from INE (which I failed all of them :(). The bright side is that I learnt a lot during that 5 mock labs and one after one, I started to feel confident and improvement. Got a free slot in Sydney, booked, payed and my dream came true with only one attempt. For the Lab, I found it easier than expected, especially when compare with INE Mock lab, could be garde at level 6. In summary, thanks to INE for their excellent workbooks and mock labs, all made me passed for the first time. If I go for another CCIE track (Voice???, maybe :)), I definitely choose INE once more time. Thanks and Regards, Khoa Le, CCIE#25122, PMP

- Anh Khoa, CCIE #25122 (CCIE Routing & Switching)

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