Andrew Zykan, CCIE #41692


It all started in 2012 toward the end of the year when a co-worker and I set out to become CCIE Certified. Passing the written in January of 2013 I was able to get my INE books sponsored and paid by work and immediately started my lab studying day in and day out. We planned to take the exam in mid summer time frame but lack of resources got in they way. Weekends turned into 8 hours days of INE practice with videos labs and rack rentals. After months of delay on the exam we were able to both get the same day in November for our lab, unfortunately we both failed on our first attempt and found we were very close and in reach of passing. I went over Vol1 labs on all my "lower" score sections and felt ready for round 2, I was able to score a seat the following month (December 2013) however it was out the presence of my co-worked, he wished me well and I went off to take the lab. After the 8 hours of lab was over I felt very confident on my weak sections thanks to the Vol1 labs I reviewed, my speed was still up from using Vol3 and I finished the Tshoot section with confidence with Vol4 under my belt. I passed today and earned #41692 and I thank you INE and all your wonderful labs,videos, and rack rentals. I could not of become as sharp on the topics and as confident as I am without your material. I owe you a great deal to my success!! and would recommend your products to anyone looking to take the challenge of CCIE Certification. Thank you and best wishes!! -Andrew Zykan CCIE #41692 P.S. I will be using your material for my next CCIE!

- Andrew Zykan, CCIE #41692 (CCIE Routing & Switching)

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