Andrew Edwards, CCIE #15334


I attended the CCIE 10-Day Data Center Bootcamp in December 2013. I was fairly competent on the technologies, but still uncertain about being able to focus on the technologies the way the CCIE requires for a successful candidate. I can say that the 10-Day Data Center Bootcamp gave me the extra boost when it came to focusing on the core technology areas, order of operations, and other unspoken requirements (IOW best practices for technologies and features). The INE Data Center Bootcamp set me in motion towards keeping these requirements and features foremost during my preparation. The proof was in fully understanding the features/technologies and completing the lab exam in a reasonable time frame so I could grade my own exam fully. I believe INE's courses, workbooks, and cost effective rack time was a real differentiator in obtaining my CCIE on my second attempt, versus going it alone (like I did on my R&S - which took YEARS!) So, to anyone on the fence, the INE Data Center Bootcamp was a HUGE differentiator when it came to CCIE exam preparation! I highly recommend it to anyone and appreciate the time and effort from Mark Snow to enhance my understanding of the material and master it to complete CCIE level. Thanks again!

- Andrew Edwards, CCIE #15334 (CCIE Routing & Switching, CCIE Data Center)

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