Andiputranto Sukojo, CCIEx3 #35030


My first CCIE Routing & Switching was a thrilling exam, it's like a rollercoaster and facing a MMA heavyweight champion, my heartbeat was up and down like crazy, I went through all the feelings in one day and when knock it down (pass), you feel Glory that you will never forget. It's a long journey. There're multiple ways to go to the next level: MBA, CCIE, PMP. I decided to pursue my dream....get my CCIE #. I used ALL INE products especially Advance Technologies from Brian, he's so AWESOME! Complex stuff
become simple when he teach. If there's something missing, there's IEOC forum that is very much alive and you can throw your question/doubt, and they respond in one's a great community! After 1.5 years of
sleepless nights in Seattle and weekend too, plus support and high pressure to pass on first time, I nailed it down on the First attempt in San Jose, CCIE #35030. This learning and exam experience can be addictive, so I
decided to pursue my 2nd CCIE, Service Provider, Routing & Switching gives a solid foundation to Service Provider, so I had a 25% jump start on SP. I saw Brian M's ATC video, and it directly clicked, since Service Provider is like building a high tower where you must have a rock solid foundation, then build solid layers all the way up. Every layer must be fully verified before you move on to next one. Once you reach the top, you know you sealed the golden moment (nailed SP one year later with first attempt as well). After take a little break to invest teaching my daugther for math competition, I come back for 3rd CCIE, CCIE Data Center. Every track has it's own challenge. DC was a hot track, it was hard to book INE rack rental and
lab exam (full booked 6 month in advance) and there's no simulator. As alternative, I worked on office projects that involve Nexus, SAN and UCS so I got hands on directly in real case scenario. This is the turning point. With great support from my wife, and parents in law during all my ccie
studies, I nailed Data Center lab on first attempt as well.

- Andiputranto Sukojo, CCIEx3 #35030 (CCIE Routing & Switching, Service Provider, Data Center)

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