Alim H Ali, CCIE #36988


I am now a CCIE!!!! Thank you INE; Brian Dennis and Brian McGahan INE and everyone else.... I have finally achieved my CCIE R&S goal!!! I want to thank B. Dennis for his lecture back in January when I came to Seattle for the 14-Day Boot Camp. It was an experience I will not forget. I met some great people and had one of the best lectures I ever had in IT! B. Dennis is a great instructor and knows the rich intricies of cisco and their products. I would greatly appreciate the opportuntity to apprentice with him...someday. He not only taught what I didn't know, but re-taught what I thought I knew. Plus, his wiity comments and jokes made the experience even more enjoyable. He's very dynamic and keep his audience interested in what he's speaking on. Thank you B. Dennis!!!!!!! Prior to the Boot Camp I was preparing for about 14 months doing self-study. Then I realized, I didn't have the right resources to ask questions to since no one I knew were at a level to assist me. I'm very glad I attended the Boot Camp. It opened my eyes to more knowledge than I can ever imagine. I was so motivated at the end of the Boot camp that I had to try an attempt. And I failed. Though I was dissappointed, I knew I had the resources to make my next attempt better... I then began watching the CCIE ATC. B. Mac (lol, I hope you don't mind), was great! He took his time with his instruction and configurations...I was so into it that I configured along side the videos using GNS3. Even when I wasn't working or lounging at home, I would watch the videos (what a nerd am I). I learned a great deal more and found more interesting facts as I watched over and over again. B. Mac, Thank you as well!!!!! Well, to make the long story short; after 20 months, 4hrs per weeknight, 9 hrs per weekend day, lunch time at work and while on confernence calls, watching/listening to the videos as I sleep...I finallt acheived my CCIE in R&S! I'm very proud to hold this honor and look forward to my next CCIE quest (SP or DC) and I'm looking forward to another wonderful bootcamp with INE. Best Regards, AHA CCIE | #36988

- Alim H Ali, CCIE #36988 (CCIE Routing & Switching)

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