Akhil Behl, CCIE #19564


CCNA in 2005, CCVP in 2006 but soon family and life began to take hold and thing didn't come so easily after that. Like many others, failing the first time, in '07, was an eye opening experience and I learned first hand just how high the bar was set. Later in '07, I half-heartedly tried to get back into study mode but I failed to keep an eye on the calendar and didn't drop my date before the old 30-day mandatory pay period. It was an expensive lesson to say the least. I lost all motivation as my goal seem farther away then when I started (in addition to $1400 more expensive). Paying for a lab that I never got to take drained my motivation and I lost all desire to continue. Armed with additional preparation materials, courtesy of the extremely generous INE Class On Demand, Volume 1 & 2 and the Core Knowledge Simulation, I was back on my way. 4 months of hard study, I was back in Brussels taking the lab. I did my usual prep and read ahead to identify land minds. I didn't grab the lunch as I was in a middle of a 8 hour fight :) . I came close to finishing but knew it was good enough. At 2 am score report email confirmed what I already knew, another swing and a hit. I would like to pay my heart filled thanks to my parents, wife and younger Brother (who always inspired me to go for this beast) and god. They all stand by me through this tough journey and let me tammed this beast. I also used the INE nuggets to crack my CCIE Security Lab as well. So now I am a double CCIE :-) Akhil Behl - CCIE (Voice & Security)

- Akhil Behl, CCIE #19564 (CCIE Voice)

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