Ahmed Moshref, CCIE #27148


Finally after hard work and dedication to lots of preparation weeks and weeks, I got my 2nd CCIE in Service Procider! In addition to my work experience using INE material, preparation was a learning experience combining both in-depth knowledge and detailed explanation. Every technological aspect was well documented in detail! CCIE DC - Upcoming Next :) Months and Months of preparations at last came to an end! sleepless nights and a month of full Dedication :) this was my CCIE (history to say) I have successfully Passed my CCIE Routing And Switching Exam Using INE , Its a big Challenge That INE Made it easier with their online Videos and Workbooks! The Challenge is Easy - You just have to accept it and start!

- Ahmed Moshref, CCIE #27148 (CCIE Routing & Switching, CCIE Service Provider)

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