Ahmed Farouk Abdelkarim, CCIE #28080


Now it is the time to write my success story , it was a big DREAM for me and it is a truth now, I do remember when I was in the beginning of the trip which is the MCSE course and there was an overview for the routing and the instructor said that "you will know more if you will go for the CCNA" and I replied "after 10 years" :" but actually I'm a CCIE RS after 4 years. the trip of the CCIE was very long 14 months dedicate the time and the effort for studying. Special thanks for ALLAH special thanks for my managers for their motivation and support ( Mr, Weal Salem , Mr, Ahmed Abdel Ghany, Mr Ussama Emam ) Special thanks for my family ( Mother,Sisters,brothers,finance) and now it is the time of marriage NO LIFE WITHOUT WIFE. Ahmed Farouk Abdelkarim CCIE#28080

- Ahmed Farouk Abdelkarim, CCIE #28080

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