Ahmed Ejaz, CCIE #28614


I would like to inform you all that I passed my lab exam on 11th April in Dubai. Wow what a great great feeling. First of all I would like to thank Allah for giving me the courage and patience to pursue my ccie dream. It was my third attempt. The first one I gave was on v3 in 2009 when I realized that I was not prepared fully. The second one was on v4 in May 2010 when I totally messed up the troubleshooting section. Finally day before I got the magic number. There is a list of people that I would like to thank. On top of all is my wife who supported me in every step, she gave me the courage and motivated me to keep on trying. There were times when I was so fed up that I wanted to quit but she always tried her best to put me on the track again. My parents were always supportive and I am sure this is because of their prayers that I am able to fulfill my dreams. A mini thank you for my 2 lovely kids who really do not understand why I used to study when I am at home. For the preparation I used mainly INE workbook 2 Dynamips version and after spending hours I bought the normal version to practice online. Also I bought the lab meetups and advance technology boot camp which was wonderful. Thank you guys for developing such great material. Now I am in Dubai and would like to try my luck in getting a job here. I have in total 10+ years experience which includes 8.4 years UAE experience. So if anyone is looking for a CCIE kindly e-mail me.

- Ahmed Ejaz, CCIE #28614 (CCIE Routing & Switching)

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