Abhay Kumar Kashyap, CCIE #30124


I have purchased your INE CCIE Security Pack on the year 2008 and at that time I was only CCSP certified and working in only Network Security (Cisco). I have tried a lot to learn new technology from real world experience wth the help of INE Security work book. INE Security Work book volume-1 is wonderful because it has all the technology & related stuff in topic wise. I have studied volume-1 completely 3 times. After that I also done with volume-2 one times completely. From year 2008 to August-2011, I have done INE both workbook very well. I didn't had so much time to practice full day because I was also working with some company, so I did practice morning & evening (6 hours) daily and on weekend full day. And 1 month before the Lab exam, I had taken 1 month leave to speed up & revise all the things in one shot. Finally, after spending a lot of efforts & time, I got my CCIE No on 14-Sept-2011 and that day was my dream day of first success And currently preparing for R&S.

- Abhay Kumar Kashyap, CCIE #30124 (CCIE Security)

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