Aamir Hassan, CCIE #39425


I would like to say that INE is my super star. Due to lack of funds and resources, I was not able to join any bootcamp but used their workbooks 1-4 to prepare for this difficult exam. It is a fact that what they claim "PASS CCIE ON YOUR FIRST ATTEMPT" is exactly what I did. I would also say that Brian McGahan is a rock star of INE. I started this journey with practicing volume 1. I worked with core topics in detail and kept my stretegy slow pace. As mentioned on the INE website that the faster you learn, the faster you forget. I did volume 1 in 10 months. This was my own way of dealing with volume 1. The remaining volumes were like butter to me. I always knew I could reference volume 1 while studying. Then I went through troubleshooting labs one by one and was determined to crack this animal on my first attempt. I have always learned from Brian McGahan and remembering his words, "CCIE is 70% by learning and 30% by stretegy. Understand what they want." Thank you INE.

- Aamir Hassan, CCIE #39425 (CCIE Routing & Switching)

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