The IT Foundation Every Professional Needs


The IT Essentials & Development Passes provide access to introductory courses necessary to build a strong foundation for any tech career. Because these skills are critical to success in the IT field, they are automatically included with both the Networking and Cloud passes.


Crafting Technology that Works

The ability to design and structure software for products and services is an important skill for any IT professional to have. Understanding the basics of a variety of code and cloud options allows for efficiency and collaboration as many IT departments work together towards a common goal.

The courses included in the IT Development Pass focus on the technology that continues to make a long lasting impact on business strategies and culture. Cloud computing continues to dominate the infrastructure of organizations worldwide and programming remains a must-need capability.

Beginners and professionals alike can use the Development Pass to establish, strengthen, or update IT skills that will always be valuable.

Courses that Give You the Advantage

INE’s general IT content is built primarily around Networking, Development, and Cloud. Some of the courses you’ll find with this pass include:

Introducing Network Programmability and Automation


This course introduces the fundamental concepts and platforms involved with network automation and programmability, with a primary focus on Cisco’s solutions.

Java Fundamentals for Network Engineers


In this course, students will learn about programming methods and tools using Java. Also covered are core programming concepts, principles of writing in an object-oriented language, and the software development lifecycle.

Cloud Application Architecture - A Structured Approach


This guide takes students step by step through the process of designing cloud applications that are scalable, resilient, and highly available. All demonstrations are done using Microsoft Azure.


Fundamentals that Matter

Establishing the basics is where every technological advancement begins. Building a worthwhile IT skill set is no different.

The fundamentals covered in these courses are applicable to anyone working within or alongside the IT industry. These introductory courses are great for beginners or a solid review opportunity for veterans.

As technology evolves, these elemental skills will always be valuable across the board. With a shared vocabulary and understanding, IT professionals in any field can work in tandem to increase efficiency and develop new solutions that benefit everyone.

Courses You can Count On

INE’s general IT content is built primarily around Networking, Development, and Cloud. Some of the courses you’ll find with this pass include:

Introduction to Networking Technologies


This course introduces the common networking components, such as routers, switches, and firewalls, and describes what they do. Students also learn how to count in binary and hexadecimal and the influence of Power over Ethernet.

Artificial Intelligence Essentials


This course covers the history and basics of artificial intelligence, including vital concepts and vocabulary, allowing professionals to better incorporate AI into today’s IT solutions.

Network Security Fundamentals & Concepts


This course explores entry-level network security concepts and is designed to provide an overview of modern network security solutions, as well as related protocols and technologies.

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