Saad Hasiba, CCIE #22244


I passed the CCIE Lab Exam on the 4th of October, however I attempted the Lab on the 10th of September, strange?!! This is because I failed and then requested a reread and PASSED! I am so glad I requested the reread, otherwise I would have been practicing for the Lab right now! and guess what? I needed 9 marks based on the score report I got to pass, that was shocking... I would like to thank Internetwork Expert for the excellent practicing material you have, it does not only has what all you need to pass the CCIE, but also it enables you gain great knowledge and experience in your career life, and I BELIEVE that your labs specially your Mock Labs are much more realistic and benefits all CCIEs much more than the real exam Lab, personally I am very happy that I bought 4 of your Mock Labs as I learned A LOT from them. Finally I would like to thank my family for supporting me to get this far, and all of my friends that helped me in my preparation for the CCIE.

- Saad Hasiba, CCIE #22244 (CCIE Routing & Switching)

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