Robert Watson Jr., CCIE #29884


I finally passed my CCIE on Tuesday. The products I used extensively were INE's workbooks 1, 2, and 4. I reviewed everything in workbook 1, completed every lab in workbook 2, and workbook 4. I was able to complete troubleshooting in the real Lab with out using "show run", and was able to isolate the issues very fast using other more powerful show commands. I would strongly suggest everyone complete as many INE's troubleshooting labs as they can. This gave me the confidence in the real lab to complete troubleshooting very efficiently leaving plenty of time for the config section. My final advice is to remember this is a timed lab. If you panic and don't recover fast enough the chances of you passing decrease dramatically. You need to have a game plan after reading the lab and stick to it. If you get frustrated with a task, move on and come back to it later. Good luck. Robbie Watson

- Robert Watson Jr., CCIE #29884

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