Rick Mur, CCIE #21946


I really like working with Internetwork Expert products. As I now know the labs measure really good to the CCIE lab. I went to the 12 day bootcamp with the fantastic instructors Scott Morris and Brian McGahan in Reno. The bootcamp really helped me to reach the able-to-pass level and the mocklab week really trained me in a good exam strategy style so I got a good routine in making 8 hour long exams. I started with networking in October 2006 when I bought a CCNA book just out of global interest, before that I was an MCSE and worked with servers and did some programming. After I got my CCNA I got a full-time job in networking and went on with CCNP and when I finished that I immediately started my CCIE study and within 10 months I got my number in first attempt at the age of 21! And I definitely know that I found my passion!

- Rick Mur, CCIE #21946 (CCIE Routing & Switching, CCIE Service Provider, CCIE Storage Networking)

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