Mark Ching, CCIE #42645


When one makes the decision to pursue a CCIE for the first time, it is very hard to anticipate what trials lay ahead. Of course, I started by asking advice from the smartest CCIE I knew, he only showed me one site,, and told me to get the Bootcamp too. The Bootcamp was a great experience, it not only taught me about technology and strategies, but was a great eye opener on what I didn't know. Coming from a different vendor's background, I knew about technology but what I got most from the Bootcamp was what the unknown unknowns. Taking that back, I focused on the workbooks and videos with diligence. With practice, curiosity, discipline, and a little bit of crazy, I was able to get my CCIE R&S about 8 months later. I have a very high regard for the INE instructors, staff, and crew.

- Mark Ching, CCIE #42645 (CCIE Routing & Switching)

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