Marcin Kurek, CCIE #46576


I'm happy to announce that I finally passed my CCIE R&S in January 2015 and became CCIE# 46576. It was my 2nd attempt. It took me more than 2 years to complete this journey. When I started my preparations the exam was v4 and I used every single INE product available at that time. I started with Vol I and Advanced Technologies Course to master fundamentals. Then I moved on to Vol II to practice all technologies mixed together. I remember doing 1st Full Scale lab was like being punched in the face! After I gained some confidence I threw in the Vol III and Vol IV. I was done with majority of labs in early 2014, just after Cisco announced exam changes to v5. Instead of rushing for v4 I chose to fill the gaps and go for v5. Fortunately INE was so kind to provide all material updates free of charge! I participated in almost every live session of the new Advanced Technologies Course which was being recorded in June/July 2014. Then I started doing new v5 labs and did every lab that was available at that time. I failed my 1st attempt on 26th Aug 2014. Although I passed TS and DIAG I was too slow, too stressed and I still had some small gaps in my knowledge. During next 5 months I studied hard, picking up every new released lab and creating my own labs. My second attempt was a success! Thanks INE team. My next track will be Service Provider.

- Marcin Kurek, CCIE #46576 (CCIE Routing & Switching)

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