John Offersen, CCIE #17254


YES !!! I DID IT !!! I passed the CCIE R&S lab in Brussels Monday 27th of November 2006. It took me precisely one year. I skipped my job and studied fulltime (self-funded) using the self-paced products. I have used the IEWB-RS ver. 3.0 labs several times, studied the Advanced Technologies Labs, and tested my "speed" with the Core Lab Workbook. The AT-COD definitely made me understand aspects I couldn't find precisely explained in books or on the internet. I laughed, cried, and sweated together with Brian and Brian through their 80 hours of COD. My best tip when studying is to remember having breaks. Your brain can't cope with all that new information at once. It need breaks to store and sort it. Don't give up, even if you fail. You have come this far. Step back, be true to yourself, and find your weak areas. Thank you Brian and Brian, and every one else at Internetwork Expert, for all the materials that makes it possible to become a CCIE. John Offersen, CCIE #17254 - CCIE Routing & Switching

- John Offersen, CCIE #17254 (CCIE Routing & Switching)

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