Jaya Prakash Pendyal, CCIE #44474


My ambitious dream had come true on 13th August, 2014 in Brussels. A year ago when I was planning for CCIE, it was INE which helped me to start the CCIE Data Center preparation smoothly. INE videos helped me a lot to understand UCS & SAN, and of course, the new technologies like fabricpath, otv, FCOE,etc... in networking as well. I have also read the related materials & books. After understanding the fundamentals of all the concepts and technologies, I have appeared for the written and cleared.

Then for the lab preparation, undoubtedly INE was my first choice to start the practice. INE's workbooks are simple and straight-forward. INE's rack rentals also helped me a lot, especially with Nexus & SAN.

Before the exam date I took 45 days leave and spent my full time for the lab practice. And the final day came, I was able to do it smoothly. And the same day I got the result.

As per my experience, planning is very much important for CCIE-DC. You may not get the add-on's or mock labs on the rental racks and lab slot also.

I would like to thank INE and every individual who supported me to get the CCIE #44474.

- Jaya Prakash Pendyal, CCIE #44474 (CCIE Data Center)

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