David Nunes de Oliveira, CCIE #45617


I was born in a small city in Brazil on the northeast side, my family did not have the necessary resources to live, so my father decided to move to São Paulo city, which is a big metropolis. Here I started to study computer maintenance and I used to walk about 10 miles every day to the school, when I finished the course after a year study I started to work for free on the school to obtain more knowledge. In 2007 I had my first paid (less than $200 per month) job on IT where I met the network world, router, switches and dial mode. I got my CCNA in one year and in my second year I started to study English to start my CCNP path certification which I completed in a year and a half, my desire to obtain more knowledge lead me to the CCIE certification path.
I saved money for 2 years and sold my car to pay for my INE Bootcamp. I attended the R&S Bootcamp with Dave Smith; however, in the middle of my preparation, I decided to switch tracks to CCIE Service provider, which I was more familiar with. I used the knowledge gained in the R&S Bootcamp and from the INE Service Provider lectures and finally on November 24, 2014, I passed CCIE Service Provider lab exam in San Jose.

Thanks, INE, for helping me with my preparation and for the knowledge gained, which is helping me with my work on a daily basis.

- David Nunes de Oliveira, CCIE #45617 (CCIE Service Provider)

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