Chen Reshef, CCIE #30870


I've passed RS lately, all my practice and rack time by INE. The rack system are very good, all the pre-load config is very time saving feature. But the best thing I've gained is the practice books! At first, the technologies overview and deep explored gets you everywhere you wish I use it many times out of the CCIE phase at my day work, as tool for info. Second, the practice labs. very self explaining, each level shots exactly as required. Third, the Troubleshooting are sharp and quick tasks to be solved over the same rack. and at last, the Time helper I call it, its a studyguide that teach you how to save time. We all know how precious time is during the lab, and this one is exactly here for this. Today i came to tell you here, and I've found new design and feature for the INE website. I love it and find is 1 step ahead of the others. Chen

- Chen Reshef, CCIE #30870 (CCIE Routing & Switching)

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