Atif Abdul, CCIE #20607


(...) i was much better at theory , so i decided to start practicing the full scale labs . I used Dynamips intensively for the labs (...) After practicing for 2 months (...) I started finalizing my preparation . I practiced 12 hours on racks daily plus reading Cisco documentation and Internetwork Expert blog. Then I decided to take the Mock Labs from Internetwork Expert. I took three of them . These mock labs are excellent. There are a lot of benefits of Mock Labs: one of them is you can discuss the problems with the proctor and he will explain everything very well, which is excellent! I performed well in mock labs which gave me the confidence plus I rectified my mistakes! In my opinion, Mock labs are more difficult than the actual exam, as they claim ! (...) Finally I attempted the lab on 23rd April. I followed exactly what Brian recommends in the Blog. I made my own diagram, a task table and I read the whole lab before doing any configuration. It took me 30 minutes and I didn't worry cause I knew that I can finish the lab within 8 hours ( i got this confidence due to the mock labs ). After 30 minutes i started the lab and i finished it in 5 hours. (...) It was my plan to pass at the first attempt and I worked really hard for it ! Thanks to my brother who was always there for motivation and I can't forget Internetwork Expert. They are excellent people and doing excellent job ! i strongly recommends every candidate to select IE for their preparation ! Thanks once again to all IE team !

- Atif Abdul, CCIE #20607 (CCIE Routing & Switching)

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