Andrew Radford, CCIE #16499


Well, what a year and a half it has been, much more tougher than I expected.... and the best feeling in the world when you see that number. I cannot thank Internetwork Expert enough for their outstanding products, as I would not be writing this email if it was not for you guys. You have made obtaining the near impossible, possible. Here are my 10 CCIE R&S commandments for those taking the same path..... 1. Internetwork Expert Class on Demand, view all 80 hours and take extensive notes 2. Read through entire DOCCD relevant to R&S, and take extensive notes 3. Internetwork Expert Workbook - 30 Labs - go over anything you got wrong or did not understand 4. Internetwork Expert Core Lab Workbook (this was really good.... get it) 5. Internetwork Expert Advanced Technologies (just read through) 6. Internetwork Expert Class on Demand - second viewing, and take extensive notes (you will be surprised what you missed) 7. 2x Internetwork Expert Mock Labs 1 month before your Lab date (if you get 80% or over on both, you are ready) 8. Cisco's online Evaluation Lab (this is also good for feedback) 9. Take the real thing 10. If you fail, never give up, because... if it was easy, it would be worthless...... Thanks to the Brians and the rest of the Interenetwork Expert team for making this day possible Thanks to my wife Rachael, and my son Jack for being so patient & understanding during this time. Thank you for reading.

- Andrew Radford, CCIE #16499 (CCIE Routing & Switching)

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