Andrew Fox, CCIE #39131


I purchased my first INE product way back in 2007. It has been a long journey I finally passed my R & S CCIE on my second attempt on the 26th of April 2013. I have seen the INE products evolve over time and the increase in quality has been amazing. The ATC is the best CBT training out there from any vendor and I pretty much have them all. Workbook 1 is another amazing product and it is the most complete workbook out there, it goes through every technology in detail. I could not have passed my CCIE without Workbook 1, it was my main resource throughout my study. Workbook 2 provided me with challenging full scale technology labs before my two attempts. I also used Workbook 3 but found it a bit to easy although the new version of this workbook that is coming out looks like it will once again raise the standard and make it a very worthwhile product in CCIE lab preparation. Then there was the mock labs which were excellent for helping me work under time pressure and realise where I was making small mistakes. I attended a 10 day bootcamp with Brian Dennis and it was an amazing experience I solidified how so many technologies actual worked during those 10 days that for example I was finally able to grasp how easy multicast actually is to implement and troubleshoot. The bootcamp really helped me resolve any areas where I had doubts and allowed me to watch how a 5 x CCIE approached configuration and troubleshooting. I would highly recommend attending the bootcamp but I believe it is best to do it right at the end of your preparation ideally about a month before your CCIE lab to get the most value. So in the course of my journey, I used pretty much all the INE products and several other vendors products but the final product I want to comment on is the new troubleshooting racks. To my knowledge no one else offers a comparable product and they really helped me in preparing for the troubleshooting portion of the lab. I could not have passed my CCIE without INE's products and on top of their excellent products their customer service towards me has always been outstanding. Nothing was ever to big or to small a problem for Katie my account manager to resolve for me. The technical excellence of their products brought me to INE but it is the excellence of their customer service that has kept me a customer.

- Andrew Fox, CCIE #39131 (CCIE Routing & Switching)

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