Anastassia Frolova, CCIE #18872


I passed my CCIE in 2007. My preparation started during the Cisco Sales Associate Program where was an option of that kind of study. Our management chose INE as a main preparation resource. We had a bootcamp onsite and used lab guides for self-study afterwards. All the required equipment was in the Lab and together with my lab partner we've done all the cabling and initial configs. And then hours of practice... I passed on my second attempt which was in two month after the failure. At that moment I've done so many configurations that I could do it like an automatic machine, like CLI was part of myself. The main point on the exam was to ask the right questions so that not to make any assumptions and possibly wrong solutions (which was my mistake on the first attempt). The preparation with the lab guide was more than enough and I had no timing problems and no technology gaps. I want to thank all the people who helped me during that journey and to wish good luck to those who are on their way.

- Anastassia Frolova, CCIE #18872 (CCIE Routing & Switching)

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