Ahmed Sameh, CCIE #27395


Hi Guys, i just wanted to inform you that after a lot of studying , dedication and lot of practice , i have passed my R&S CCIE two days ago , it was my 1st attempt and i feel like i owe a big deal of this success to INE wonderful products , it started about one and half year ago when i took my decission to go for my number, i could remember seeing that time the CCIE numbers rolling on your site and was wondering when the day would come for me to join this list, when i started i almost read every book in INE recommended lists , and sometimes i had to go through the RFCs for guidance ,i used both advanced technologies COD and troubleshooting bootcamp COD , i did lab INE Workbook I , II ,III and IV and the V4 Moc labs which i didnt actually pass any but was so close to , and i have to say that these labs was like a bell ringing for me to take care of my common mistakes and which made me alerted when i was doing th real thing. Finally i cant express how wonderful it is to have your number after all this , iam really HAPPY. Ahmed Sameh Ashour, CCIE#27395

- Ahmed Sameh, CCIE #27395 (CCIE Routing & Switching)

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